Endodontic Treatment in Nashville, TN

When a tooth becomes badly infected, intense pain is frequently the result. If the infected tooth is left untreated, the infection can spread and cause serious health issues. However, infected teeth do not always need to be pulled. Instead, root canal therapy can often save an infected tooth.

A root canal is an endodontic procedure where Dr. Kim removes the infected inner tissue from your tooth. He will then clean the interior canal and seal your tooth. Infection is eliminated while you get to keep your tooth and preserve your smile. After a root canal, a crown or other restoration is usually placed to protect the tooth and ensure an attractive appearance.

Root canals have an unfair reputation for being painful. In actuality, modern anesthetic allows Dr. Kim to eliminate most of the discomfort from a root canal. Additionally, most patients find great relief from toothaches once their infected tooth is treated.

If you’re suffering from a severe or persistent toothache, swelling, pus, or abscesses in your mouth, you should be aware these are all possible signs of a dental infection. Don’t delay – call Dental Design Studios immediately at (615) 432-2388 for help. We are available for emergency care.