Orthodontics in Nashville, TN

Are you embarrassed to smile? Spaces and rotations are easily fixed. Don’t let misplaced teeth prevent you from smiling!

Braces in Nashville, TN

Dr. Kim at Dental Design Studios offers orthodontic treatment in Nashville, TN. Orthodontics or braces is the dental treatment that deals with improper positioning of teeth. Orthodontics deals with diagnosing and correcting tooth misalignment and irregularities in the jaw area. In the past, orthodontic treatment was mainly for the treatment of teens and pre-teens, but currently thirty percent of orthodontic patients are adults. 

Well aligned teeth have many benefits. They are easier to clean resulting in better oral hygiene and less gum problems. Well aligned teeth function better, speech may be clearer and the overall smile is more aesthetic. An orthodontic assessment should be done around the age of seven. The earlier treatment begins, the more quickly the problem can be resolved successfully. 

What problems can be corrected with orthodontics?

Anterioposterior issues– Orthodontic can help correct overbites (where the upper teeth protrude further forward than the lower teeth) and underbites (where the lower teeth protrude further forward than the upper teeth). Proper teeth positioning is important for function and teeth longevity. 

Crowding – Crowding of teeth is a common problem. Crowding occurs when there is insufficient space for normal growth and development of adult teeth. 

Aesthetic problems – It only takes one misaligned tooth to ruin a beautiful smile. Well aligned teeth function better, but also look better. Orthodontics can also help improve the structure of the lips, jaw or the face.

Types of Orthodontic Treatment

Fixed orthodontic braces – Traditionally, a metal or ceramic bracket is bonded to each tooth. An orthodontic wire is attached to each bracket to gradually move the teeth in to proper alignment. Adjustments are made once a month. Once the desired outcome is achieved, the fixed orthodontic braces are removed and retainers are fabricated. 

Clear aligners– Clear aligners are an alternative to traditional braces. Clear aligners are worn instead of brackets to gradually move the teeth into alignment. A series of aligners are used to achieve this movement, and the aligners need to be worn at least 20 hours a day. Aligners are a great tool to make minor corrections. 

Here are some of Dr. Kim’s orthodontic cases:

Orthodontics in combination with other treatments

Cosmetic dentistry – Misaligned and misshaped teeth can be addressed with crowns and veneers. Orthodontics is a great tool to put the teeth in the right position before utilizing crowns and veneers. This results in more conservative teeth reduction and long term results.

Here is an example where a patient was missing a front tooth for so long that the space closed completely, leaving a difficult situation for cosmetic dentistry alone. Orthodontics was used to reopen the space, and the resulting smile is symmetrical because all the teeth are in the proper position. 

Traditionally a case like this would require multiple consultations and treatment from multiple providers. A restorative dentist, an orthodontist and possibly an oral surgeon would help treat a case like this. All this treatment was provided by Dr. Kim in one facility.

Orthodontics and dental implants before/after.

Dental Implants– Teeth will migrate when the opposing or neighboring tooth is extracted. This space needed for the new implant crown can be reduced, resulting in a new tooth that will be smaller in width or height. Orthodontics can create space for the ideal sized implant crown.

Here is a case where orthodontics was used to level the upper and lower teeth before implants were placed and restored. The teeth look great, but look how this patient’s smile has transformed! 

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