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Life is too short to suffer with these problems.

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Full Arch Replacements in Nashville, TN

Many patients don’t realize they can replace an entire arch of missing teeth with just a few dental implants. That’s right – you don’t need an individual dental implant for each absent tooth. Instead, it only takes four to six implants to replace a whole upper or lower arch of teeth.

The four to six dental implants work as anchor points, securing a full arch prosthetic in place. This prosthetic can range from a type of overdenture to screw-retained Zirconia teeth.

DDS Nashville utilizes the latest technologies from 3D imaging, intraoral scanning and 3D printing. DDS Nashville has an on site dental laboratory with digital design and manufacturing capabilities. All implant related procedures are done in office by Dr. Kim from placement to restoration.

Competitive full arch dental implant pricing

We offer competitive dental implant pricing in Nashville and the surrounding areas:
Our full arch implant package includes:
-All necessary implants
-All necessary abutments
-Minor bone grafting
-Final PMMA teeth

**Instead of a price match guarantee, we offer best pricing guarantee for our full arch treatments** We know what the local corporations charge and we are significantly less. Because all treatment is done by one provider, we can pass the cost savings to you!

Our single tooth package is $2,900.00 and consists of a dental implant, abutment and final crown. 

To restore a single tooth implant 3 parts are required. Providers who charge less for the dental implant will increase the fee for the other components. 

Even if you are completely edentulous – i.e., missing all of your teeth – you may be an excellent candidate for an implant-supported prosthesis. A prosthesis from Dr. Kim and the team at Dental Design Studios can give you back your function and appearance.

Please contact us today by dialing (615) 432-2388. We’ll be happy to discuss your teeth replacement options.

Here is an example of an upper removable, implant supported denture otherwise known as a snap-in denture. The lower is full arch zirconia teeth permanently secured on implants.

We do provide full arch implant services, but when possible we try to save teeth. Here is a case where we placed implants and teeth on a portion of the upper. Upper natural teeth were crowned, and upper back teeth were saved. Orthodontics was used to level the lower arch first. All orthodontics, implant placement and restoration, and natural teeth restorations were completed by Dr. Kim.

Full arch upper teeth on implants

Full arch lower teeth on implants due to advanced gum infection.

Full arch upper teeth on implants due to advanced gum infection.